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BSD offers technology focused interactive workshops that are geared towards igniting interest and gaining an understanding of the power of design thinking, problem solving, computational thinking and communication skills through code. Our workshops are offered to elementary, middle and high school students, teachers and principals, corporation staff and more. Workshops can vary from 1 hr to full-day programs. Our workshops are great for field trips, team building exercises and more!

*Requirement – Computers (PC / Mac / Chromebook) and internet connection

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Build Your Own Digital Assistant (In Partnership with TechGirlz)

Hey TechGirlz! Ever wonder how digital assistants like Siri and Alexa actually work? You’re invited to learn some real coding skills with a fun group of rockstar girls. We’ll use real JavaScript code to bring our own digital assistant to life! Beginners welcome!


Build Your Own Digital Pet

Absolutely no experience necessary! Create your very own interactive digital pet. Using real HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code participants customize their pet to give it a unique personality. Students explore programming fundamentals in order to bring their pets to life. Pets are saved online and can be shared with family and friends!


Build Your Own Drawing App

Computer code is the secret behind creative apps like Photoshop and Microsoft Paint. We will use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to program our own simple drawing apps. Students will explore digital art concepts like pixels, resolution, and color modes. Using programming fundamentals, participants will create a color picker, eraser tool, and exciting custom brushes that are only possible with code!


Game Design in JavaScript

Participants will explore the fundamentals of computer programming by remixing a classic arcade video game. Using the Launchbox platform and JavaScript programming, we’ll explore concepts including variables, animation, physics, scoring, and collision detection to make our games unique. Each student’s work will be saved to an online portfolio on Launchbox where they can share their projects with family and friends!


Learn to Code Your First Website

Absolutely no experience necessary! Participants explore HTML code by looking behind-the-scenes of popular websites. They will then write their first lines of code as we introduce the building blocks of modern web development. Each student will use HTML to construct his or her own web page on BSD’s proprietary learning platform, Launchbox. Next, we’ll customize colors, borders, fonts, and layout using CSS code. Everyone leaves with their own web page on Launchbox that can be shared with family and friends!


Making Art with Code

Get creative with code! This one-day interactive workshop demonstrates the artistic potential of code. Students will expand their creative abilities by writing simple JavaScript programs that create dynamic visual effects.

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